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Infused with Reiki energy and set with powerful manifesting intentions. 



The time to stand is now. Before we can create a new path, we must purify the placement of our own two feet. We must dig up fear, worry and anger -- choosing instead, to entrench our being with balance, equanimity and loving listening. Re-root yourself and reform the earth. 



Accompanying this brew is a custom blend of sounds composed by Vincent Matthew. Created to bring presence and ground you, this music will tune into your root chakra.

Bath Brew - Feet On The Ground 20 oz

  • Therapeutic Grade Salts: epsom, dead sea


    Therapeutic Grade Oils: organic juniper berry (juniperus communis), organic cederwood atlas (cedrus atlantica), organic spruce black (picea mariana)


    Organic Flower: california white sage (salvia apiana) sourced in the mojave desert


    Precious Stones: tiger eye, pyrite, black tourmaline


    100% of colors & fragrances created by nature


    ** each precious stone is unique and will vary in size and shape