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Infused with Reiki energy and set with powerful manifesting intentions. 



Stimulate your power and optimism, while bringing playfulness into your life. Open up ideas and get in touch with your divine wisdom. Allow creativity to float to you from the cosmos. Inhale joyfully! Exhale and release your deepest dreams into the ether.



Accompanying this brew is a custom blend of sounds composed by Vincent Matthew. Created to inspire and enliven dreams, this music will tune into your sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Bath Brew - Shoot Into The Stars 20oz

  • Therapeutic Grade Salts: atlantic, epsom, dead sea


    Therapeutic Grade Oils: organic eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus), organic jasmine (jasminum sambac), organic eucalyptus narrow leaf (eucalyptus radiata)


    Organic Flower: jasmine flower (jasminum sambac)


    Precious stones: citrine, smoky quartz, orange calcite


    100% of colors & fragrances created by nature


    ** each precious stone is unique and will vary in size and shape