Bath Brew - Feet On The Ground 10 oz

Infused with Reiki energy and set with powerful manifesting intentions. 



The time to stand is now. Before we can create a new path, we must purify the placement of our own two feet. We must dig up fear, worry and anger -- choosing instead, to entrench our being with balance, equanimity and loving listening. Re-root yourself and reform the earth. 


SET THE MOOD with Cinematic Landscape music


In order to truly release, disconnect, and tune into your chakra, HELLEN's bath brews are accompanied by sound blends designed by artist Vincent Matthew, which act as a cinematic backdrop to your bathing ritual. Created to soothe and center, these "soundtracks" will guide your subconscious to follow thoughts along a meandering landscape. Better yet? Each composition is 20 minutes in length, signifying the optimal bathing time to absorb vital nutrients and experience benefits from the salts, stones, and essential oils.


    Therapeutic Grade Salts: epsom, dead sea


    Therapeutic Grade Oils: organic juniper berry (juniperus communis), organic cederwood atlas (cedrus atlantica), organic spruce black (picea mariana)


    Organic Flower: california white sage (salvia apiana) sourced in the mojave desert


    Precious Stones: tiger eye, pyrite, black tourmaline


    100% of colors & fragrances created by nature


    ** each precious stone is unique and will vary in size and shape


    10 oz brew yields 2 - 3 baths per jar


    please upcylce by re-using this container


    For external use only. Keep away from children. If pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare practitioner before using. Remove stones from the tub before stepping in or out. Use at your own risk. 


    Made in Brooklyn, New York. 

    100% of colors & fragrances created by nature.

    Only human-tested, never animal-tested.

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