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Infused with Reiki energy and set with powerful manifesting intentions. 



True communication requires the truth to be uncovered. Clear the clouds and condensation from your mind. Bring clarity and cohesive thinking into your being. By cleansing your energetic blocks, you can broaden your belief in self and your vision of what is possible to transform.



Accompanying this brew is a custom blend of sounds recorded by Dynasty Electrik. Created to clear and clarify, this music will connect you to your crown, throat and third eye chakras.

Bath Brew - Emerge From The Fog 10 oz

  • Therapeutic Grade Salts: french gray, epsom, dead sea


    Therapeutic Grade Oils: organic bergamot (citrus x bergamia), pimenta berry (pimenta dioica), organic wintergreen (gaultheria procumbens)


    Organic Flower: cornflower petals 


    Precious Stones: clear quartz, lapis, chrysocolla


    100% of colors & fragrances created by nature


    ** each precious stone is unique and will vary in size and shape