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NEW MOON in Virgo Sound Bath
Live Virtual Zoom Sound Bath

This month the moon and sun meet together in Virgo, a time for purifying our bodies and souls, preparing for the new beginnings of the Autumn season. Silhouetted by the waning summer sun, the New Moon in Virgo calls us to the field, the desk, the classroom; a time for making lists, plans, and schedules. To help you stay centered during this energy of transformation, we’re offering an astrology meditation, followed by a ceremonial blessing and crystal singing bowls, combined with ambient soundscapes, nature sounds, and vocals to take you on an inner journey. 


We are pleased to announce a collaboration with Dynasty Electrik - HELLEN’s first-ever Aromatic Nasal Inhalers to come with custom sound bath meditation live recordings, meant to help you rise and wind down the day.  A download track is provided in the package to listen to “Sunrise Meditation” and “Night Visions” by Dynasty Electrik. It’s as natural as breathing! Increases focus. Boosts your mood. Cleanses your mind. Made from a blend of the highest grade of essential oils in a chic, reusable aluminum container that will elevate your wellness routine.

Friday, September 18, 2020

7:30 PM  8:30 PM