Our Ingredients
Our commitment to utilizing the highest grade ingredients is the standard at HELLEN. We ensure our products are formulated with transparency. The collection is made with clean, non-synthetic, and non-toxic ingredients that will not harm your body.  We carefully study the benefits of all the distinctive qualities of the medicinal plant matter chosen while harnessing its potency.
Essential Oils
HELLEN uses only the highest grade of Wild-crafted, Eco-certified or USDA certified organic aromatic plants sourced from all over the world. The method of extraction for the essential oils is cold press or steam distilled. We meticulously research botanicals known to have superior anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic, stimulating, energizing, and calming properties to promote healing.
Raw Salts
The Himalayan Pink Salt in our Bath Brews is purified through a proprietary process that cleans and eliminates any flawed crystals, leaving only natural raw salts. This sifting process eliminates any unwanted sand, rocks, clay, and other foreign materials. Once harvested, there is no additional chemical processing or washing; this leaves the salt in its purest form, allowing the minerals to detoxify, relax, and clean the body.

We selected Himalayan Pink Salt because it is rich in healing trace minerals, and this pristine source ensures those valuable minerals are of the highest quality.

We source distinguished, top-quality stones from around the world for our Bath Brews. Our supplier travels to remote mines and quarries to excavate stones while respecting the environment and ensuring ethical labor practices.
All product containers are thought with REUSE in mind.  Our products have refill options to reduce landfill waste.
Shelf Life
HELLEN products are made with all-natural ingredients without synthetic preservatives. Due to this, the product shelf life is 3-12 months after it’s opened.  Reach out to us if you have any questions.

We'd love to hear from you! Email us at info@hellen.nyc or fill out this form with any questions, concerns, or just to chat.

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Born in Taiwan and raised in Los Angeles, Hellen’s life has always been a blend of east and west. Her family owned cashmere factory furthered her textile and fashion education at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in California where she earned a degree in Apparel Manufacturing and Product Development. Hellen has been instrumental in launching many emerging designer labels including HELLESSY, 6397, AREA. Recognized as a member of The Female Founder Collective, Hellen now applies her design and business skills toward the development of her namesake line of transformational, holistic healing products.


After experiencing several losses in her life, Hellen found solace in the time-honored healing methods closely related to her Taiwanese roots. She sought out many nontraditional healers and eventually studied to become a Reiki practitioner herself. Part of her healing process involved soaking in baths, and as a result, she was inspired to develop layered, custom-blended formulas of various essential oils, salts, flowers, and crystals. Hellen found the baths would release toxins from her body and rid her of negativity, allowing both to float down the drain.


Hellen has since crafted a range of thoughtful bath brews that focus on different areas of a person’s life, correspond with the four elements, and open four of the seven chakras. 


Praised by leading publications including Forbes, Vanity Fair, and Vogue, these transformational bath brews strengthen and soothe your spirit - as they did Hellen’s – leaving you filled with a sense of peace, love, balance and new energy to take on the world.


In Spring 2020, Hellen became a certified NAHA Aromatherapist, extending her knowledge of the use of plant medicine to address acute issues in the human body. Calling upon this expanded knowledge, Hellen introduced a line centered on the healing power of nature and aromatherapy to support a person’s entire well-being. HELLEN’s comprehensive and innovative collection offers holistic healing at every touchpoint of your daily ritual.   


HELLEN. Embrace change and brew yourself back into being whole.

About Hellen


Women of Color Therapy

We Support Women of Color Therapy a mental health and wellness community for womxn of color. 

HELLEN is committed to being allies for the long term with WOC Therapy, to help provide the Black community with access to mental health support and therapy. In addition, we have donated Aromatherapy care kits to their patients to be empowered to heal themselves in their daily lives.


WOC Therapy helps heart-centered, ambitious womxn of color of all ages, heal from emotional and physical trauma. WOC Therapy believes that when you begin to love yourself, you can truly love others.  This is the only path to individual and collective healing.  The womxn that WOC Therapy supports go on to pursue their dream careers, experience deeper and more meaningful relationships, and learn ways to more effectively manage stress.


Our donations help to provide a safe place for Womxn of Color to heal and work through emotional trauma.

Born out of a personal quest for healing, metamorphosis, and enlightenment, HELLEN provides resources to nurture your own transformative journey.


Founder Hellen Yuan calls upon - and elevates - the centuries-old practices of aromatic botanicals and oils, sound bathing, and Reiki healing to create a collection of tools that serve to uplift your self-care practice.