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Director of Sales 

I soaked for a full hour last night with Center Your Heart. It was incredible while listening to the music. Woke up early after feeling angry due to work-related issue and normally when that happens, I take that into the day and become tougher with everybody.  

Today, I woke up softer and actually cried for the first time ever. I found empathy for them,

and for the first time this morning, I might have found empathy for myself

R. Chan Siow

Earnestly Hunting

Infused with reiki energy, I read on the label

of a package. I was immediately skeptical.

What hogwash. This coming from me, a person who goes to monthly reiki sessions. I decided

to try Emerge from the Fog, because, truthfully,

I have got a thing for packaging.

Expectations were low -- at the very least,

it’ll be a very pretty and fragrant soak. 



No lie. 

I felt clearer, more assured, relaxed yet

focused -- for days after. Of course, I had to

learn more about Hellen and what other

magical products existed.


RN Nurse in frontline COVID-19 in NYC

“What an appropriate name for a bath salt soaks...Emerge from the fog...we have all been focused on the solitude during this quarantine. Emerge from the fog assisted me to embrace myself... to feel the smoothness of my own skin. The beauty and texture that the emollients of the salts embody are exquisite.  It made me feel like I went to a Spa for a treatment” Thank you so much Hellen... for this synergy of

embrace during this time. 

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